Who Are We?

Short brief

  • Reyada Industrial Company is a limited liability company, established in 2019.
  • The company was founded with the goal of entering the ready-to-wear clothing industry and attempting to cover the gaps and shortcomings in this important industry around the Arab world.
  • The company was named (Reyada) because it houses a leading and outstanding team in their specialties, whether in the engineering industry or in the field of service programs designed specifically for the garment industry.
  • Through interaction in the local and Arab markets, we found that most business owners rely on individual efforts of a specific business owner or on foreign programs that may not meet their requirements and are not compatible with their culture. Based on our efforts towards excellence, we have adopted a project to provide professional, skilled, and service-oriented programs that are 100% Egyptian-Arabic.
  • Our company stands out in producing official websites for various entities, organizations, and private centers.
  • The company has been able to create and tailor a complete ERP system covering all modules from the affairs of employees, accounts, and commercial offers for production or service management, as well as customer service and inventory management throughout the supply cycle.

. Start Point

  • We aim for the technical management of the production processes of any factory remotely

     Through MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

  • You can see Our first product documentation from this link.
  • www.areyada.com/apparel-tms/
  • Our next step is to produce the production line equalization program and relay the choke points using artificial intelligence by the method of hybrid optimization based on simulation of the digital dual mode of garment production lines in the fourth generation industrial environment.
  • We have produced an integrated resource management program for the management of medical and industrial facilities.
  • We have an integrated resource management program that can be customized for any commercial or industrial facility / صناعية.
  • In addition to our outstanding production of specialized web pages
  • Customizing the famous enterprise resource management software Dolibarr ERP system for any institution, company or factory.
  • Mechanization and automation of garment factories
  • Providing a complete technical file service for each production order from ready-to-wear factories in the fastest time and with minimal effort, including customer data and their brands.
  • Archive CAD files, call them at any time in an easy way.
  • The service of calculating the costs of fabrics, accessories, materials for production, commissioning of the entire order.
  • Create a complete system for managing medical facilities.
  • Create official pages and websites