Our vision (mission)

Our vision is to cover the technical gaps and manage the production for the Arab industry and commercial activities through innovative and flexible software, reaching a wider range of customers with a distinctive, high-quality, and unique software product, with a user interface that invites optimism while ensuring that our software is non-duplicable or replicated, providing solutions to real problems in the industry while maintaining security and privacy of data with stable systems and a user interface inspired by Arab culture.

Our values

  1. Direct communication with customers through the Internet of Things.
  2. Direct dependence on software solutions that connect the latest technologies with customers' actual needs.
  3. Reliance on unique and distinguished designs and non-duplication or imitation of any existing programs.
  4. Respect for project participants (employee / client)
  5. Employee participation in company profits
  6. Compliance with the industrial and commercial environment.
  7. Feeling and caring about responsibility towards the community
  8. Searching for a product related to the customer and being able to develop it according to its constantly changing needs.
  9. Striving for the well-being of the workers.
  10. Production of various software units that can be integrated with each other, allowing small companies to benefit from them according to their size without being a burden on them.
  11. Adherence to Arab culture and the endeavor to spread it.
  12. Relying on the best software solutions and maintaining quality even if it reduces profits.
  13. Maintaining the confidentiality of the customer's data securely.
  14. Integrating with other companies operating in the same field instead of competing with them
  15. Rejecting nepotism in filling positions from the CEO to the newest employee and separating human assistance from appointments.
  16. Creating a new uniform for the company's employees every year.
  17. Allocation of a portion of profits for scientific research.
  18. Caring about the application of quality management / occupational safety and health / nutrition quality / environmental requirements.
  19. Adoption of the strategic management plan every three years
  20. All employees share responsibility to the company in management and security